Wolcen dupe items

Wolcen dupe items


If you're not familiar with the Reddiquette please take a minute to read through it. Express your point of view without resorting to name-calling. Vague, contextless, memetic, low effort or inaccurate titles and posts are not allowed. Titles should represent or describe the content of a post. Wolcen Community Suggestions. Bug Dupe is real? Seems like bug been fixed with news hotfix for some reason when you swap item by using right click and immediately left the game by exit wolcen, previously equipped item would show in stash now I can confirm its now working.

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Don't be toxic. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, both positive and negative. No vague or misleading titles or posts.Wolcen: Lords of Chaos has had a rough launch. Its first day was full of server errors and disconnects. For the next two days, the servers have been down for maintenance. The Wolcen team plans to bring them up today, but that's definitely not a certainty. In the meantime, players are forced to use Wolcen 's offline mode to play. This looks to now be a blessing in disguise, as multiple loot-related bugs and exploits have since been discovered.

The biggest issue is what's been dubbed the Magic Find Exploit. This exploit is allowing players to earn near-endless in-game loot.

The result is that when a player kills a boss or opens a chest, loot absolutely pours out of it. If the player has stacked enough Magic Find, loot will drop constantly for minutes on end. The Magic Find Exploit isn't the only economy-breaking bug ion Wolcenthough.

Players have also discovered methods by which to earn endless amounts of gold. This exploit is due to a bug where splitting a stack of items keeps the value of the full stack. There's also full item dupingthough that seems to be a bit more complicated than is readily describable. For its part, Wolcen Studio says that it's aware of "issues impacting the game's economy" and that it's working to fix them. A timeline for when these fixes will be in place wasn't provided.

Wolcen 's community manager Calistaen did confirm on the game's official Discord channel that no character wipes are planned.

Obviously, this isn't the launch that the Wolcen development team was hoping for. But success is measured both by sales and how much people love a game. And while those issues have prevented players from accessing its online mode, an important part of the game, its offline mode is still there and still fun.

wolcen dupe items

The bugs and exploits may even be seen as a positive to many of the players in offline mode. The original Diablo faced similar issues and turned out widely popular. Maybe Wolcen will come out of its rough launch the better for it, too.If you're not familiar with the Reddiquette please take a minute to read through it. Express your point of view without resorting to name-calling. Vague, contextless, memetic, low effort or inaccurate titles and posts are not allowed.

Titles should represent or describe the content of a post. Wolcen Community Suggestions. Bug Duplicating Inventory Bug? You should now notice that the items you deposited from your inventory are now in your stash, and your inventory.

The stash and the character are saved on 2 different files I assume even server wide and they really suck at synchronizing these. You dont even need to start an expedition. There is a way to duplicate any stackable item online as much as you want. Doesnt seem like they are going to patch this one based on the patch notes. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Posts must be related to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Posts must focus on and be directly related to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem. Don't be toxic. Everyone's entitled to their opinions, both positive and negative. No vague or misleading titles or posts. No blatant self-promotion.

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Global Achievements. J View Profile View Posts. Even if you manage to delete your gold, you're still screwed, this is due to how character data values are stored. You can check on your offline toons in your JSON file on what data they gather.

They have for example: Current gold This is what people manipulate to have extra gold offline GoldGainedQuests GoldGainedMerchant This will be billions if you duped and sold to vendor So even if you remove all your current gold, it's easily traceable from these values alone. The duping of gold isn't even a major issue compared to all the broken passives immortal, crazy damage etc that people are using to progress the game. There are simply too many issues and removing gold won't do anything.

Showing 1 - 15 of comments. Specer View Profile View Posts. If they are gonna ban people, they are gonna get sued, i can tell you that. Originally posted by DVinn :. Originally posted by Specer :. Oh noooooo. Zerondar View Profile View Posts. Nobody cares if you cheat in offline. Moobert View Profile View Posts. Shunrai View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by :.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

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Store Page. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Store Page. Global Achievements. Astro View Profile View Posts. They should reset economy.

wolcen dupe items

I bet they wanted to make gold as a method of payment for trading not gems nor other crafting reagents. It would of been cool but people ruined it. Showing 1 - 15 of 34 comments. Bison View Profile View Posts. U only need to use gold for vendors and upgrades since u can dupe the crafting orbs making it possible to craft god tier items. Gold isn't the problem.

View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Astro :. Last edited by. You can turn Gold into the purple currency, which is kinda big for city progression. Agreed, they should wipe the gold of people who have say more than a billion gold. But they probably don't know how to achieve this and will simply resort to just banning everyone instead. Or at least their character from online. Digi View Profile View Posts.Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is the big new Steam hit.

But things are not going smoothly, despite its popularity. As well as server issues that are blocking a good portion of its players out, there are problems with class customisation, bugs, and more. Please fix this asap or I will have to request a refund. Hopefully this means things will be ironed out sooner rather than later.

These launch issues, however, are even going as far as deleting characters and losing items in-game when players finally do connect. The developer has since released a hotfix for server problems, but it seems like Asia Pacific is still affected:. Although the Online servers came back yesterday during the evening CETwe are currently investigating issues with game creation and server stability on the Asia Pacific servers.

Our apologies for the inconvenience. Wolcen has had years of testing in Early Access, but players are still finding character builds that break the game.

One such build is dubbed Bleeding Edge, and allows players to stack damage to set their DPS at ridiculous levels. You can follow the Bleeding Edge build and get k crits at the Wolcen character builder. You can follow the build on the Wolcen subreddit. You are invincible. Players have already figured out how to break the entire Wolcen economy. Currently, you can use gems to exponentially increase your wealth. To make this worse, exploiters are being banned if caught, despite the fact the exploit was reported years ago when the game was still in Early Access.

Things are not so simple, however.

wolcen dupe items

As one eagle-eyed redditor points out, even honest players are likely using this exploit without meaning to or even realising it. You never split a stack of gems? You still can do the value dupe and you probably have. All you need is play the game and socket your items normally. Just like usual. The value of this gem is now doubled.

If you do that, you already have a stack of gems with duped values. Users are reporting that even interacting with it is completely bricking their games.

Do not even attempt to Transmute items until the Dark Market bug is fixed. Hotfixes totally wrecking the game over, stashes deleted. Getting locked out of the game for using Dark Market and transmutes. I have never bought a game with so many of the skill nodes not working properly, on top of those tuned completely out of whack. One of the most pressing bugs occurs after defeating the first boss in Act 1 and locks the player in a loop of casting the last skill used, instead of playing the cutscene.

Players can not teleport away, they can not pick up the boss loot, and returning to the main menu crashes to game completely. Players are also reporting bugs where they completely lose audio upon entering an area.

Some players attempted to fix the sound issues with a restart and found they were locked out of the game. Often players are getting the dyes through lengthy farming methods, so losing them is like losing a big chunk of progress.Just before Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem launched out of Early Access last week, its recent ratio of positive reviews on Steam had surged to 91 percent.

After four years of troubled development, including a massively downsized list of innovative features, it finally seemed like the French studio behind the Diablo-like action RPG had found a path forward that players liked. But the week following Wolcen's launch has been nothing short of a disaster: Game-breaking bugs, server issues, a frustrating lack of polish, and an easily exploitable economy are just a few of the reasons Wolcen's Steam review ratio has fallen to just 56 percent.

Of the 19, reviews Wolcen has received since launch, 9, are negative. After playing several hours last week I wasn't all that impressed with the state of Wolcen's launch either, but things have only gotten worse for many players.

(patched) Wolcen - (stackable) item dupe, works online and offline (Not the gem gold dupe)

Hotfixes applied on February 14 caused many players to temporarily lose access to their characters or items stored in the in-game stash, forcing the developers to take servers offline. Throughout most of the weekend, Wolcen's multiplayer servers remained offline, which made it impossible for people like me to play without having to start over since there's no way to transfer characters between online and offline modes.

Once servers were restored on February 16, players still continued to encounter connectivity issues that made playing with friends unreliable. Even if you completely ignore server stability issues which we shouldn'tthe game is so riddled with game-breaking bugs, it makes Fallout 76 look like Breath of the Wild.

That's just the beginning of Wolcen's problems, though. One of the most popular threads on the subreddit spells out a game-breaking bug involving some of Wolcen's city-building endgame. Once you beat the story, players embark on a long journey to rebuild a city, funneling gold and resources into upgrading new facilities that, in turn, unlock tougher game modes and better ways to upgrade your character.

But according to hundreds of comments on Reddit, if players try to upgrade items using The Forge or access the Dark Market, it's possible to trigger a bug that stops Wolcen from properly launching next time you try to play. The developers have identified the issue and supposedly have a fix, but they're unable to patch Wolcen more than once a week now due to a need to "coordinate" with their networking partners to prevent further issues.

That's not encouraging news when Wolcen has as many bugs as it does. Ironically duplicating an issue seen decades ago in Diablo 2, item and gold duping is one of the most common exploits in Wolcen right now, though the developers have warned players that those caught exploiting the game will be banned.

Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Legendary Items Guide

In the short time since Wolcen's launch, players have discovered ways to earn infinite gold or create infinite stacks of items—both of which undermine Wolcen's multiplayer economy since players can trade those ill-gotten gains away.

Both types of dupes are easily repeatable and only require splitting stacks of items in the inventory menu, which causes different glitches. When splitting a stack of two gems, for example, the second gem will double in value. Players can then recombine the stack and split it again until they have a gem that can be sold for millions of gold. Likewise, Wolcen's abilities and Path of Exile-inspired passive skill tree can also be easily manipulated to create character builds with power well beyond what should be obtainable.

VG introduced me to my personal favorite, called the Bleeding Edge Crit build. With this, your character can instantly melt the absolute toughest enemies in the endgame in just seconds. There's even a build that makes you straight up invincible. Of course, being an ARPG, half the fun is trying to break the game with clever character builds, but a lot of players are upset because Wolcen simply feels unbalanced.

I'll just use it with Bleeding Edge. I could have all my mage skills up to level 60, swap it out for Bleeding Edge and instantly do more damage. In fact, there's a long list of over 24 abilities and passive skills that players have compiled that simply do not work. Meanwhile, others have compiled a list of bugs that have been in Wolcen since its early alpha over nearly four years ago.

Theorycrafters have been especially useful in determining broken logic in Wolcen's underlying math, which seems to include everything from basic stats to how magic damage is calculated. Though the community does have its share of players who are having a good time, it's easy to see why so many are growing increasingly frustrated. Lost all my waypoints and quests. Wait until they fix this up and lots of people say it's stable.

Though bugs can all be fixed in time, action RPGs are games that ask players to dedicate dozens of hours into crafting finely tuned killing machines—but what's the point when the underlying math behind combat is so unreliable that your efforts are undermined unless you conform to one of the many utterly broken build guides? That's hyperbole, but I can sympathize with the sentiment.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Store Page. Global Achievements. Proffessor View Profile View Posts.

Reset Dupers Items and Stashes!!! Yes you can still dupe, they didnt fix it!!! Please Ban these people who are on discord literally teaching everyone how to dupe, ruining the integrity of the game and making it pointless to even play since everyone is cheating.

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Infinite Gold Exploit/Glitch and Over Leveling Skills

Please reset all of their stashes and characters, let them keep the game but start over. If you dont fix this issue people will have not reason to play this game. Last edited by Proffessor ; 23 Feb am. Showing 1 - 15 of 23 comments. Martin View Profile View Posts. I choose not to dupe. Considering how many people lost their stashes and their characters, duping is legit. Get over it it's a pve game full of bugs, devs should fix that frst. Leonmitchelli View Profile View Posts.

Wolcen – How to Duplicate Skills

Originally posted by Proffessor :. Ortega View Profile View Posts. I believe it will have an economy before long - there are definitely mats for crafting and very specific rolls on gear that people are aiming for. That said, its hard to argue against players taking advantage with this many bugs still in the game.

I'm not doing it - but I'm not mad at them. Sarimae View Profile View Posts.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Store Page. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Store Page. Global Achievements. Economy is ruined. How is duping still a thing after 4 patches and 3 weeks release Showing 1 - 15 of 23 comments. Last edited by LoPan ; 9 Mar am. Last edited by Flying Fox ; 9 Mar am. Take a rare item w affixes you like. Up quality to 5 stars then up rarity to legendary and use a tear to hopefully get a 6th affix you want. Matt View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Matt :. Got a lucky dupe from mohabi, I was in the process of increasing the quality or rarity of an item, game crashed, when I went back the item was both in my stash and processing in the dark market.

Originally posted by credhc :. Originally posted by RunRabbit :. Who cares?

wolcen dupe items

This is only an issue once seasons start and there is a competitive ladder. Besides, the game is so bad that I'm surprised folks are still playing it. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 9 Mar am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Double Pushback from mobs. Still crashing. Phantom Blades randomly does not gain charges. Alastar fight. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem 's developers are hard at work fixing the game after an incredible wave of support at launch. For a small indie team, it can be incredibly challenging to perfectly polish a big game like Wolcen.

That's all the more difficult when the game has a major multiplayer component, and nearly impossible when the game receives orders of magnitude more players at launch than expected. Yet Wolcen Studio is rapidly addressing issues and bugs, most recently focusing on a variety of in-game exploits. During Wolcen 's recent multi-day server maintenanceplayers discovered a variety of nasty exploits.

These exploits included item duping glitches, methods of earning endless gold, and Magic Find exploits that resulted in huge amounts of loot dropping from chests and rare monsters. At the time, Wolcen Studio confirmed that it was aware of these economy-breaking exploits and that it was working on a solution. Some of those fixes are what's now gone live. In an update published in the past 24 hours, several of Wolcen 's major exploits were fixed.

Fixes include an item duplication exploit using the chest panel, a stackable items duplication bug, and bugged selling prices for stacked items.

The notorious Magic Find bug that resulted in loot raining from the sky was fixed in a previous update. For the time being, these are all of the widely known economy-breaking exploits. That's not to say there aren't lesser-known exploits still in use both online and offline, though.

Exploits weren't the only things to get fixed in this patch, as it also fixes a handful of gameplay-affecting bugs. Fixes include a problem that prevented minion bonuses from applying, a bug giving Wealth Omens to Parasite, Livor Mortis damage redirection not working, and Livor Mortis invalidating magic effects. There are plenty of remaining gameplay bugs to fix, like Force Shield leech not working. Some meta-issues have also been addressed. Some players had difficulty saving their offline characterswhich has been fixed.

There were also problems with players being unable to retrieve character data. This has mostly been fixed, though some players say that the issue persists. Patch 1.

wolcen dupe items

It's been one full week since the game exited Early Access and entered full release. To say that the game has been received well wouldn't be accurate, as several of the days since launch, the game has either been offline or unplayable. Yet it's also true that when it does run fluidly, players are very excited about its potential. So long as Wolcen Studio keeps putting out quality updates at the pace it's been doing, Wolcen will grow into the game fans wanted at launch very quickly. By Rory Young Feb 20, Share Tweet Email 0.Overall this trip has been a highlight of our travelling experience.

Thank you for the itinerary, and organisation. Everything was very enjoyable and the organisation made the trip a lot less stressful before and during. The suggested itinerary allowed us to see some of the sights we would not have known to keep an eye out for had we travelled on our own.

However, the flexibility of having our own car and keeping to our own agenda also meant that we were able to explore other areas of interest that were not included in the itinerary.

My husband and I had an amazing tour of Iceland. Nordic Visitor provided us with itineraries and vouchers that were very helpful and organized. Nordic Visitor responded quickly in providing us a refund when our kayaking tour was cancelled due to weather conditions. We loved having different choices of cars and level of accommodation to adjust our costs.

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Wolcen is a “fucking dumpster fire” four years in the making, according to its community

Iceland is a beautiful country, the people are friendly, the geology is unique and the history is very interesting. I traveled with my sister and we were thrilled with your services. Your planned suggested route and booking of accommodations for us was especially helpful and what we were the most interested in.

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Wolcen Lords of Mayhem Legendary Items Guide

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wolcen dupe items

Many thanks to Arnar and the rest of the staff for an exceptional experience. I really felt like I was taken care of by you guys.

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